Rebecca Noecker

As a Councilmember, will you introduce a sick and safe time ordinance that will guarantee all workers in St. Paul access to sick time?
I have been a proponent of a sick and safe time ordinance throughout my campaign, including during my speech at the DFL endorsing convention in February. I believe a strong Saint Paul is a place where all workers are given the time they need to take care of themselves and their families.
As a Councilmember, will you introduce and/or support an ordinance to ban Styrofoam containers in St. Paul within 12 months of being elected?
There are currently over 70 cities across the US that have banned Styrofoam containers, including Minneapolis, Albany, and Washington DC. Business owners ­ both large and small ­ in these cities have been able to find more environmentally friendly options with a negligible cost difference. I would like to see this policy be connected to a more systemic set of changes at the city level to increase sustainability and move toward zero waste.
As a Councilmember, will you refuse to grant exemptions to St. Paul’s Living Wage Ordinance during your tenure as a City Councilmember?
I would also like to see the definition of a “living wage” changed to $15 an hour with adjustment for inflation each year. This would be higher than the current guidelines that call for a wage that is either 130% or 110% of the Federal Poverty guidelines (roughly $14 and $12 an hour).
As a Councilmember, will you put forth a budget, or a budget amendment, that includes a plan for a minimum of $500,000 annually for the building of protected/buffered bike lanes?
I am a passionate supporter of the bike plan and have been a strong advocate for it on the Planning Commission. I am committed to providing the funding necessary to fully implement it city­wide. However, when looking at the overall cost for implementation of the plan, funding at a rate of only $500,000/year would mean it would take 214 years before the bike plan is fully implemented. We must do a much better job of working collaboratively with partners (County, Metro Transit, Met Council, etc) to fully implement the plan in an aggressive timeframe, and as a Council Member I would support efforts to do so.
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