We want a Better Democracy


We want a Better Democracy

When St. Paul citizens participate in a city plan or a process, we should feel confident that the resulting plan–passed and endorsed by elected officials–will be followed and implemented. Back-room deals and favoritism in how plans and ordinances are implemented erode confidence in an open and transparent government.

St. Paul has a living wage ordinance requiring publicly funded projects in order “to promote the creation and retention of living wages and full time positions, and to increase the wages of service employees and employees whose employers are subsidized by the city or whose employer enters into a contract with the city in order to improve public health and welfare, promote the economic strength of the city, and reduce the pressure on governmental services and programs.”

Consistent implementation of this ordinance improves our democracy, boosts citizen participation, and fosters a stronger economy. Yet, exemptions are common.   

As a Councilmember, will you refuse to grant exemptions to St. Paul’s Living Wage Ordinance during your tenure as a City Councilmember?

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